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I have been a doula in San Diego since 2013. I found my passion for pregnancy and childbirth after the birth of my triplets in 2011. My experience opened my eyes to the deep need for education and advocacy for expectant families. My birth was difficult and the support of my doula helped us navigate that tender and life changing experience.

I attended my first birth in May 2013 and it has snowballed into my life's passion. I realized early in my career that the investment in education and support prenatally was the cornerstone of a positive birth experience. Families who recieve independent (read: out of hospital) childbirth education make informed choices about their care and regardless of the type of birth, they experience much more satisfaction and better outcomes.  This knowledge lead me to San Diego HypnoBirthing and The Birth Education Center in 2015. 

I want families to walk away from their births healthier and happier than they entered them. I want parents to awaken their inner advocates and realize how powerful their bond with their baby is before they ever come earthside.

I have a special passion for families expecting multiples, LGBTQ+ families, families who need cesareans or are seeking a VBAC and families who choose out of hospital birth. But I love serving families of ever shape and size in their journey, whatever that journey looks like for them.


Childbirth Education

I offer both Group and Private HypnoBirthing classes through The Birth Education Center of San Diego.

Group Classes $395

Private Classes $600

Pregnancy Consultation

I offer phone, zoom and in-person, 1-2 hour consulting services that can include navigating the local birth system, birth planning, or resource gathering


Birth Doula

I offer Birth Doula services that include up to 3 prenatal visits, my attendance of your labor and birth and 1 post partum visit.



Childbirth Education

HypnoBirthing classes are taught in 5 sessions, 3 hours each. Classes are offered all over the county and even the comfort of your home. Group classes allow bonding with other expectant families and a weekly bonding session with baby. Private classes allow flexibility of schedule and less travel (ideal for parents on bed rest or with other restrictions)

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Pregnancy Consultation

Navigating pregnancy, especially if it is your first time or you find yourself with special circumstances like multiple babies or another unexpected diagnosis. I love to offer parents the opportunity to ask questions, get an informed opinion on their chosen birth environment and the best local pregnancy support services. I will include 1-2 hours of my time via phone, zoom or in person meeting. I will also include a resource email customized to your needs (birth plans, links, videos, etc.


Birth Doula Services

A Birth Doula is a doula who not only supports labor but works with you prenatally to prepare you for your journey into parenthood. They are there when the day comes to welcome your baby into our world. A birth doula is a guide through whatever that looks like for your family. Whether you have a spontaneous, unmedicated vaginal delivery or a scheduled belly birth, your doula is your steady guide, your constant reminder that you have perpared to welcome this baby and you have everything you need for that special day



"Ashley brings sunshine wherever she goes  As my doula for my son’s birth, Ashley was bubbly and lighthearted which made me feel comfortable from the start. She is a wealth of knowledge and was able to supply my husband and I with evidence based information whenever a question or concern arose. My son’s birth was incredible and I cannot imagine it being so without her love, wisdom and experience facilitating his path. 
You’re simply amazing and we love you!"

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