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Have You Recently Found Out That Your Labor Is Going to Be Induced? 

  • Is induction something you know nothing about but assume is a safe procedure since it’s been recommended for you?

  • Has your care provider recently blindsided you with talk of induction?

  • Does the idea of an induction go against all your hopes and dreams for you and your baby’s birth experience?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the questions and concerns you have about the induction process?

  • Would you like to face this unexpected end to your pregnancy feeling prepared, educated and empowered?

Do You Have A Plan For When Your Baby Is First Born?

Have you spent all your time preparing for the birth of your baby but little time thinking about what happens afterwards? Have you heard about the importance of the “Golden Hour” for the baby but don’t really know what it means? Do you want to make sure you spend as much time bonding with your baby as possible without compromising their safe transition into the world?

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Oh My God I’m Pregnant, Now What? 

  • Have you recently found out you’re pregnant and don’t know where to start?

  • Is the information floating around online regarding childbirth overwhelming you?

  • Are you unsure what kind of birth experience you want for yourself and your baby?

  • Does the unsolicited advice you receive from friends and family giving only make you more confused?

  • Do you wish there were short, concise lessons that boiled down the most important things you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth?

So you’re gonna be a father… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You are entering one of the biggest transitions of your life: the transition to fatherhood!

Becoming a dad is exciting. It’s rewarding. But it can also be overwhelming!

Dr. Jay has taught this New Dads Class LIVE to dads-to-be in workshops in the past. But if a Dad couldn’t make the night he was teaching it, he’d miss out. And if you didn’t live in San Diego, you couldn’t attend. It was really hard to fit all of the information he wanted to give new dads when he was limited to only a 2-3 hour workshop.

So he switched gears and created this online class for all Dads to learn from in the comfort of your own home, when it’s convenient for you to watch the videos, listen to the audios and read the materials he put together. Dr. Jay ended up recording over 8 hours of content for this offering vs. just 3 hours in the live workshop.

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